We Have Broken Up

Hi Everyone,

Pygmy Shrews are no more. Thank you so much to everyone who came to our shows and listened to our records. Thank you also to all the amazing bands we played with.

Here is where you can find us as individuals:

Alexander plays in Animal

Tia plays in Queening

Ben plays in Zs, Hubble and The Men

Thanks to Ben and Alexander, I love you guys and it has been a privilege.



  1. will we still be able to get the cdr and/or the final 7" recordings? do they exist?

  2. The CD-R never actually existed. The 7" recordings are real though! Not sure what we're doing those yet.


  3. bens in the men now? whats he playing, bass?

  4. Just became aware of you, too late!! Any way to get ahold of your stuff? The links to the two albums on here appear to no longer feature them or are sold out. Thanks.