We're going on tour again, this time with our buddies The Men. It'll be a short one but a good one, if you're in the Midwest take a gander at our dates up above and come hang, we can build a bonfire and share stories from the wild days of our early 20s.

We've been working on putting together a tour-only cdr for our November dates, of b-sides and outtakes and alternate versions and a handful of covers, with artwork by our own Tia McVincent and Xander Perrelloid. It's called Ass Fajita, are you interested?

Ass Fajita?
Give Me Ass Fajita!
Keep Ass Fajita Away From Me!
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Also, we're going to have new vinyl soon! Very very happy to announce that the lovable Jacks (that being Jack Buxton and Jack Kramer) over at Jack Shack Records will be putting out our "Nobody's Fucking Anybody" 7-inch in the new year, along with a slew of killer fuckin records from other local jammers like Call Of The Wild, Foster Care, and another bangin Pampers 7-inch. Keep yer eyes peeled, ripened, and ready.


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